Laura (tavella) wrote,

moving stuff

It was so hot yesterday that I ended up not taking a load over to the new place last night. Trying to make up for it by taking stuff over now, and hopefully I'll have enough energy tonight after gaming to take over another partial load, putting me back on track. I think I'm okay, though, the closet, bathroom, books and videos, most of the kitchen stuff and most of the electronics are over, so after this I've got part of the pantry left to move, the rest of the clothes, my stacked baskets and a few boxes of assorted crap and that's it except for the big items that Drew is going to help me move Sunday, like the couch and futon frame and desk, if I don't end up trashing the desk, which is the way I'm leaning. And my computer and TV are still here, of course, but I probably won't move those until Saturday.

I ventured to Ikea in the morning. I was still conflicted on the Sten vs. Ivar issues, so I ended up mostly looking at things and picking up a catalog and buying guide. I think I'm going to end up compromising, and going with a mix, as they each fit in different areas. I really need to go back when I am less stressed for time, I had to get back at 1pm to be at the new place for the DirecTV installer. Who was already sitting in the driveway when I rolled up at 1 minute to 1, so I'm glad I wasn't late. We parked the dish on the side of the back deck right below the other apartment's, and I ended up getting 2 free months from them to 'try out our most popular package.' Which was the one I was going to order anyway, but I refrained from telling them that. The phone line was turned on, but is apparently mis-wired, so I'm going to have to futz with that when it's a little cooler.
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