Laura (tavella) wrote,

long day

crobderg is an angel on this earth, I tell you. He came over to help me move the heavy stuff that didn't fit in my car, and towards the end, seeing that my will to live was failing, he carried the futon frame in all by himself, and then wouldn't let me get out of the truck to go look for the purse I had left in the apartment. Went himself and got it. I had taken two carloads over earlier, so I had some excuse, but man I was wiped. After a bit of food and lying on the remaining couch a while I regained enough energy to take over one more small load, but I've left more for tomorrow than I was really hoping to have. But it's less than today so I should be able to cope. Not that we don't have a soft deadline, but I'd prefer to be out of the place on the 30th.

The kittens are doing well, round little bellies and warm as toast. They have a firm grasp of their place in life; nearly every time I look in them are bellied up to the mom-bar and snacking. Or possibly passed out in the middle of snacking. At one point, NBK got up and moved around the box, one kitten still dangling and sucking away.

Now I'm going to go soak in a hot tub with bath salts, which will probably result in me staggering back to the room and passing out on my mini-futon.
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