Laura (tavella) wrote,

the joys of living with a turk

So Monday, I was planning to spend the night at my new place. There were a few extra things to get the next day, but I was about done. Except Leonard had a better idea. He shot out the door as I was taking a last load out. He turned up later that night, but by that point I was in my pajamas and not going to get dressed again.

So the next day, I locked in him in a room while I was carrying stuff. I did not lock him in the room with a hole in the screen. I did not lock in him the connecting room to the room with a hole in the screen, because the door doesn't close that well.

A little while later, I go to get him. And the room is empty. I think he's pushed the window open, but the latches are still fashioned. I wander around, wondering if Ambar had mentioned this teleportation ability. Eventually I discover that he'd wriggled in in between the screen and the window and ripped it open.

So I go to work, and then come home and sit on the couch that is the only remaining bit of furniture in the house, and wait for my damn cat. He finally shows up, I shove him in a cage, and take off for the new place. I spend a while cuddling with him and then he goes to explore the piles of boxes and I take off to Avalon to finish setting up my laptop and watching Sports Night.

I come back, and I hear a meow. Suspciously close. And getting closer. Here comes Leonard trotting around the building. So much for my plan to keep him inside for a couple of weeks so he knows where home is. He'd popped the screen right out of the window (I had checked to make sure that they were not as old and friable as the other screens.) Sigh.

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