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15 July 2003 @ 10:42 am
Got out of work last night at 9:30, grumpy over the Document From the Pit of Hell that I'm STILL formatting, and decided that I really didn't want to go home and be cranky. So I called up Sky and we tried to find a place between Marin and Mountain View that had a late enough showing of PotC for us both to make it. Emoryville failed us, Daly City failed us, but the Metreon came through and we met up for the 11:20 show. Still great fun, and this time around while I still loved Johnny Depp, I found Orlando's performance pretty impressive too. It's hard to play faithful and sincere without being stiff or dull, and his radiant regard at Kiera Knightly nicely papers over the fact the script doesn't spend any time setting up *why* Elisabeth and William are in love. I liked Knightly too, but I think Bloom actually has the most difficult role.

Got home at nearly 3, paralytically tired, but much less cranky. And after a call this morning, I now have free reign to reformat the document logically instead of trying to reproduce the hellspawn inconsistencies of the original designer.