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sacrificial fish

I couldn't see any fish in the water, but I thought I saw a flash of gold in the depth and there were no pathetic piscine corpses floating on the surface, so I have hopes for successful fishitude from yesterday. The guy at the first store, Fish Tank, wouldn't sell me anything but guppies -- I think he had dark doubts as to the quality of my fish parenting. I asked him what would deal well with an outside pond that wasn't very large, and he harrumphed and said this was the time when it was getting too cold for fish and mosquito larvae too, and finally reluctantly said guppies. Which looked awfully small to eat our rather scary larvae, so I asked him if there was anything else and he repeated firmly that it was getting too cold for fish outside. Quelled, I brought my guppies. Man, you know you look disreputable when you can't even get a man to sell you a goldfish.

Seascapes had less moral qualms and sold me five comet goldfish. I had gone to Fish Tank first despite it being farther because I assumed with the chichi name and location on Castro that it was a fancy yuppie tropical fish shop, but it turned out to be quite practical with big black barrels of feeder goldfish. Picked up a bunch of some stringy water plant to see if we can wean the pond off filter.
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