Laura (tavella) wrote,

parsing the news

Started reading a innocuous story about the last farmer on the bayshore, and I hit this line, ""It's not the easiest life, but it's the life I chose," said Craig Jacobsen, Dickson's partner, a 25-year veteran of the oat and wheat fields of the North Bay." Which triggers that favorite game, "Which meaning of the word partner?"

Crusty old farmers up on the North Bay? Odds seem against the personal meaning...
Hmm! "...Dickson, who was just back from participating in an anti-war rally in San Francisco..." Odd slightly increase.
No mention of wife or kids for either.
Burning Man stickers on the truck. Tick upward.
Finally! A mention of a wife a few paragraphs from the end.

Is it really so hard to use the phrase 'business partner'? Sheesh!
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