Laura (tavella) wrote,

My mom was in town so I picked her up at the airport, showed her my apartment (she approved of Cinder), and then we went up to SF to meet my Uncle Bob and go to the Conservatory of Flowers. Which I can recommend as the best $5 in town. If you go, try to go mid afternoon, because the sun shines through the the stained glass windows and paints the rainforest with little secret pools of light. We did wish they labeled more of the plants in the potted plant room -- we kept looking at something and going 'that's fabulous! What is it?'.

There was also mysterious butterfly fu. At the base of one of the pots in the butterfly room, one butterfly was lying flat and still, with another one fluttering and walking around it in attitudes that in a higher mammal I would interpret as protective. I thought the other one was dead, but then after a while the active one pushed up against it head to head and it moved a little. It almost looked like the active one was feeding the other. Very strange.
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