Laura (tavella) wrote,

disgusting, yet fascinating

So I'm sitting in the living room, trying to keep a net connection long enough to figure out what ophthalmologist to go to for my contacts. And I look up and notice that the mini pumpkins the witches of Avalon carved are getting that gummy, caved in old-man look that says it is time for them go. And I get up and look at them closer, preparing to throw them away. And katchoo_too and princessmei, their pumpkins are a little withered but mostly intact and cheerful. And I look at mine. And I notice the eyes are looking a little dark. And I look closer. And a mass of black mold has completely, perfectly filled the features, as if a child had filled them in with playdoh. Not puffing out, not sunken in, just seamless filling. And I go 'eew', and pick it up from the candle holder it is propped on, and eew again as there is a tiny tearing sound and perfect, square beard of mold comes away too.

My pumpkin has turned into a hellish mass of black corruption, while my roommates' are fine. In a movie, this would be the Big Clue that I'm the Bad Witch.

Heh, heh, heh...

I have attempted to get a picture of this but I suspect it won't really come out well, because I stupidly took it where it was backlit a bit instead of front lit.
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