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27 November 2003 @ 12:20 am
The kitties seem to regard me changing the sheets as the most entertaining thing ever. They got to sit on the old sheets as I dragged them off, chase the flapping things as I put the new ones on, and get buried under the blanket. Which had the very entertaining effect of a Leonard-shaped white mound wrestling with Cinder who was on top of the blankets.

They've started to play together, which is making me very happy, especially since in a month they get to spend a week locked up with only each other for company. As Cinder started smelling less and less like kittens, Leonard warmed up more and more. For a while there he spent just about all his time in the apartment curled up on the chair in the living room, which was the only thing that smelled safe to him I guess. But he's back to sleeping on the bed with me and running all over the apartment.

The kittens were finally adopted by Ashton and Monica, which was a great relief. They were adorable, but four cats is a lot of cat in a one bedroom apartment. Leonard alone can be a lot of cat for a one bedroom apartment. However, since he spends most of the day outside, while Cinder is indoor only, it's about equal to two cats.

He's gotten a lot better about turning up promptly in the evenings, what with the early dark and the cold and the kitten-free apartment. Though half the time I end up walking up the block to get him from SJSU. He doesn't like cars, so he's learned that if he tries to go home and there's too much traffic for him (which is any), if he stands in front of the event center (about a block from my building) and sings a small operetta about the sad life of an Angora, not only will people pay attention to him and pet him, magically I'll appear shortly after. The wonder of collar tags and cell phones. He also likes Sweeney Hall, across the way. I think because it has a courtyard that has fine acoustics for his song. I don't mind fetching him, as I'd much rather do that then have him cross the street when there's traffic.

He's got a very active social life on the campus; when I was hauling him back a couple of nights ago, I heard a glad cry of 'Leonard!' from a random passerby who came over to say hello. He's the mascot for one of the dorms, makes regular stops at the fraternities and sororities, and even apparently visits the college president's office (or at least that of his secretary.)
Tayefethtayefeth on November 27th, 2003 08:25 am (UTC)
Hee! Social butterfly cat!

How does he get to the campus in the mornings? Is there that little traffic then?
Lauratavella on November 27th, 2003 09:48 am (UTC)
I think if there are cars, he just goes and explores on the block, or in the other directions. It's just when he's hungry and wants to come home and he sees cars, then he complains.

I'm just extrapolating this from the fact that I mostly only get calls from that little area of the campus that is right by our house, almost always in the late afternoon or evening. I know he still goes all over campus, because people tell me about it, but I think mostly everyone has learned that he's not a lost cat, so they don't call anymore if he's just going about his business. At first, I just told the people it was okay, he'd come home (if it wasn't dark yet), he was only a block from home, but I'd get these anxious little 'but he's *crying*'. An angora can make himself sound like the most pathetic thing on earth. And I learned that if I didn't go get them he'd find someone else to cry to usually. Sometimes including walking in the door of the campus police station (which is in that area of campus too.) Plus I realized how nervous he'd get when I carried him across the street if there were any cars, so I put two and two together and started going to get him when he called.