Laura (tavella) wrote,

well, that was odd

There I was, cleaning the living room, when I hear a police siren burp. I look outside, and there's a couple of cop cars rolling down the street. In best rubber necker fashion, I step out on my porch to see what is happening, and there are people piling out of cars and trucks with presents. I assume that it's a fraternity or sorority doing their xmas deliveries for some families on the street, when one of them handed me some wrapped CDs. Random driveby presenting!

I would have asked who they were, once I got over my bogglement, but all the available people were lurking with bags of gifts, looking for passerby to attack. I've never run away from presents before, but there are people on the street who could use christmas gifts much more than me. If I had to guess, it was some sort of 'sorry about the traffic the rest of the year' thing -- we are the shortest path from I-280 to the SJSU parking garage, so we get quite a mini-traffic jam mornings and evenings.
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