Laura (tavella) wrote,


I'm sitting in the living room with my family. My sister, brother, and I all on all laptops, my mother reading. After logging off her laptop. Togetherness!

Much fine loot was had. I have a fabulous toolset now! It's a Black and Decker multitool set, so I now have a cordless drill, screwdriver, jigsaw, circular saw, router, and sander. They have taken advantage of the fact that they all use the same kind of small powerful motor, so it's just a matter of snapping the different parts on and off. And I got a Nomad mp3 player with 20 gig and a car adapter, and _Tooth and Claw_ and _Kitchen Confidental-, and _Two Towers_ and _Kish Kash_, and a USB memory stick that holds 256 megs and I can wear around my neck.

Tomorrow perhaps I will go see ROTK with my sister, and then go down to my Dad's place and tromp around in the snow.
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