Laura (tavella) wrote,

I rule! I feel very engineer like.

Once upon a time, I got tired of buying cheap blenders with plastic carafes and not enough power. So I went to Hechts and brought myself a nice Krups. Heavy glass, powerful motor. And then just a few weeks after I brought it, it stopped working. Just died entirely. Of course, I no longer had the sales slip to return it. But I was so annoyed that I couldn't quite bring myself to throw it away. My nice Krups blender! I still had the box! So I boxed it up, in some vague hope I would get it fixed eventually, and when I moved out of the Elmwood house, it went into storage with the other stuff and since then had been toted across the country and from storage place to storage place.

As part of my big Clean Sweep project, everything is coming out of storage, getting sorted out, and what doesn't fit in the apartment is getting thrown out, sold, or donated. So out of a storage box it came. It looked so nice and shiny. So I decided before it hit the trash, I would crack it open and see if I could figure out why it stopped working. Figured out the hidden screws, took it apart and then took the innards apart. Hmm. One loose connection, one connection that was slightly unwound. Fixed them both, put it back together again, plugged it in... and whirrrrr!

I know this may not seem very exciting to those of you who are actually engineers, but I've previously confined my tinkering with innards entirely to computers and electronic devices. This was the first household appliance I actually opened up and fixed.

Perhaps I'll have a margarita to celebrate. Whirrrr!
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