Laura (tavella) wrote,

There really should be a version of the famous New Yorker map for LA

Some times the West Wing does make it amusingly obvious that it is written by a West Coaster. They get the cosmetic details right, an episode a few days ago mentioned Iota in Arlington, but the perspective can be totally out of wack. Example, today's Bravo episode. One of the B stories is about Josh working with a Republican on a bill for bay cleanup. There are all sorts of references 'Have you ever been to Chesapeake Bay', 'You really should visit Chesapeake Bay sometime', as if it was some small scenic inlet a distance away.

First of all, I don't think I've ever heard someone use Chesapeake Bay in that way. It's 'the Bay' or 'the Chesapeake'. And you don't visit the Bay, it comes to you. It defines the entire midatlantic region -- we cross it on the way to seaside vacations, we sail it, we go to Baltimore and sit by the docks. All our rivers pour into it, all our oldest history comes out of it. It's like hearing someone talk about the Mississippi like it was their local creek.
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