Laura (tavella) wrote,

book massacree!

Purging my books has been way easier than I expected. Once I had made the decision to actually get rid of some, the very fact that I had never ever gotten rid of a book I had brought or been given made the process much less painful. Because the books you read when you are 12 are not necessarily always the ones you want to reread. So entire authors got thrown out -- goodbye Jack Chalker! Beloved authors who I kept buying in the vague hope that the Brain Eater would go into remission were cropped down to the earlier, better works -- goodbye late McCaffrey and Bradley! Series that I had liked mildly at the start but got bored with or I thought tanked at the end -- good bye Jaran and Robin Hobb's Assassin series!

For individual books, there was the 'you didn't like it when you read it the first time, why are you keeping it?' A few in that class got spared because I might want to reference them for rants on why they are so awful; all of my Benford and Mote in God's Eye. Some I had bounced off of trying to read, so unless they were a classic I really should read sometime (sadly, I have a lot of Delaney in this category) they went too. Others I hadn't read at all; when I was a teenager I used to hit Book Attic and Book Rack and buy grocery bags of books for $15 or so. For 75 cents, you could experiment, so I picked up just about anything that looked interesting. Unless they *still* looked interesting, if I hadn't read them, they hit the sell pile. I also cleaned out a fair amount of Extruded Fantasy (or SF) Product, too. And duplicates. I don't know how I came to own three paperback copies of Song for Arbonne plus the hardback.

The mysteries got purged even more brutally. Even very good mysteries I seldom want to read more than once. All my Dick Francis I kept, of course, and Hill and Hillerman and the Yellowthread Street mysteries, but not much more. Freeling, Rendell, PD James, Martha Grimes, Ngaio Marsh, Christie, nearly every thriller... all gone. End result, of 12 boxes of sf and fantasy, five left. Of four boxes of mysteries and thrillers, three were purged. Sixteen boxes in, eight out. And I can now fit both my paperback and hardback sf and fantasy on the big set of shelves.

The really fun part was when I went to Bookbuyers. This was the crappier half of my collection, when I had duplicates I kept the nicest and dumped the more battered. Many of them had been brought used, they had not been treated gently as they travelled from storage place to storage place in slowly disintegrating boxes. I figured ten percent of them would sell, maybe a quarter if I was lucky. They took three-quarters of them. $57.20 in cash and $315 in credit. With the forty dollars I found while cleaning out the car and the change from the car and everywhere else, my Clean Sweep earnings stand at $110 cash, $315 bookbuy credit, and $300 in tax deductions.
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