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Just got back from my first transition center class, Resume Basics. Most of the tips and tricks I was already using, but it was useful to have them reviewed and there was a systematic presentation of resume types that I hadn't had before. The instructor however had one horrible tic; I was sitting at the front of the table, and every time he spoke to me, he touched my shoulder. It drove me insane, even shrinking down in my chair and tilting away when the hovering hand approached didn't stop him.

I didn't want to put it on my instructor evaluation sheet, as it would probably cause more kerfluffle in that context that I wanted, triggering all sorts of sexual harassment memes. Instead I wanted to put in a quiet word after class, but he was talking with other other students and I preferred to do it privately.

I'm really shocked he hasn't been broken of this habit yet; from references he made, this wasn't his first job of this sort, and I am far from the only person who does not like people poking at me. It's not the touch, per se; I come from a huggy family. It's the primate dominance game behind touching someone who can't do the same back; you pat children on their head, you clap subordinates on the shoulder. I wasn't quite annoyed enough to stand up and poke him in the shoulder when I spoke back to make my point, but damn close.

Jane and and I ran into our friend Linda after the class; she got the chop too. I'm not surprised, as she was also a web person in the same division and they pretty much cut out all web functions. We commiserated and made a tentative plan for lunch on Friday since Jane and I have two hours between classes.

I'm really glad Jane pushed me to go to the first available briefing; if she hadn't been going 'sign up for the 1:30 with me tomorrow!', I probably wouldn't have done it until Thursday or Friday and there would have been no classes left. There were a lot of people wandering around today pathetically trying to get onto waiting lists for classes in a week or two.
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