Laura (tavella) wrote,

Leonard was being very cruel to the neighborhood stray today. I heard the song of cat yowling and went outside to see. Usually I take Leonard's side in these disputes as he's usually on his own territory, but I looked in the yard and couldn't see him, started walking up the driveway to see if they were in back, and realized that the noise was from the porch next door. There was Leonard, up on the futon, hissing, with the stray backed up to the very edge of the cat bed that is all the home the poor thing has. So I picked Leonard up and hauled him inside for grounding, and gave the stray a whole can of tuna cat food.

I feel terribly guilty about the stray. I've thought about taking him to the SVHS shelter, but he's a pretty homely cat and more problematically, as an intact male, he sprays. So he'd likely get put down. And his life isn't bad here, the house on the other side gives him food and water regularly and the three apartments in this house and the house he sleeps in feed him more irregularly. He's solid and healthy, and he's got a sheltered place to sleep.

But he wants a home so badly, he's always trying to follow people inside. But my neighbor across the hall won't adopt him because he sprays, I've got two cats, and the girl next door can't adopt him because her roommate already has a cat. I've thought about seeing if I could get a free or cheap neuter certificate from SVHS, in the hopes that spayed he might stop spraying and be more adoptable.
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