Laura (tavella) wrote,


I now have actual written proof in my hands that my SJSU registration is still go for fall, and that my transcript analysis is still valid. I had a major freakout last week, when I became convinced that SJSU emails were disappearing into a black hole at my email host. I hadn't heard anything from since my acceptance and transcript analysis conference in January. When I was finally able to go in for a meeting, I discovered that I was still registered, but that indeed, things hadn't happened that should have. Notably, it apparently had to go to transcript analysis again. I'm not sure why, but while I was basically relieved I was concerned that something new might come up this time. But I just got the analysis letter, and everything is go, except that they need original AP scores. Which presumably I can get.

I think I'm right about the SJSU emails -- they now have instructions not to use my email, but to send me hardcopy -- but this apparently hasn't caused any harm. Feeling a lot better.
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