Laura (tavella) wrote,

done, Done, DONE!

I just got back from my final final. 21 hours of classes and I survived! I know I got an A in Critical Thinking already, and Speech should be an A as well unless she suddenly takes a horrible dislike to my final paper and essay answers, which I doubt will happen. The two English Lit classes, so much of the weight depends on the final that I don't know yet, but unless I've suddenly completely lost my ability to write they should be no worse than a B. Spanish is the only one I'm worried about. My tests were fine, they were all As and Bs except for one C, and that one was only a point from a B. The essay part of the final should be okay, since she let us submit drafts for correction. But the oral presentation was pretty bad -- I just don't speak Spanish yet. I can write it slowly, but I can't think it fast enough to speak it. And there's a big part of the grade tied up in ungraded things like 'compositions', which in my case tended to be as short and simple as I could get away with. So I know it's not going to be an A, and I don't think it'll be a D, unless she's truly cruel in grading the intangibles. Probably a C.
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